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Carrier and Dedicated Transportation Management

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Try Kuebix Software Now! This article describes how to create a new transportation management engine in Microsoft Dynamics for Finance and Operations.

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Logistics Management – Single-platform transportation solution with a customizable web-based application and commercial integrations.; Material Order Managemen t – Integrated manual web-browser entry or real-time material orders; Shipment Planning – Material order consolidation, dynamic shipment optimization across all modes, and load building based on customized business rules.

Prophesy Transportation Software has built the industry's leading total fleet management software solution for today's trucking company. For more than 20 years the Prophesy Transportation Software name has represented quality, reliability and affordability for the trucking industry.

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Moving consumer products from manufacturing plants to warehouses, between facilities and to distributors and retail customers, can represent more than half of your total logistics costs. Is I traffic slowing your daily commute? Don’t worry! DCTMA is here to guide the way!

MAP out an easier commute by: Taking Public Transit Ride-Sharing.

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