Real and accrual based earnings management in

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Accrual-Based and Real Earnings Management: An International Comparison for Investor Protection

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Earnings Management

Conversely, the level of real earnings management activities declined prior to SOX and increased significantly after the passage of SOX, suggesting that firms switched from accrual-based to real earnings management methods after the passage of SOX.

earnings management through real activities, the focus of our paper is accrual-based earnings management. However, in untabulated analyses using annual measures of real activities management.

Accrual-based and real earnings management activities around seasoned equity offerings

The other is that real earnings management is less often implemented, as with accrual-based earnings management. Our examination uses data fromfirm-year observations drawn from 38 countries covering to Conversely, the level of real earnings management activities declined prior to SOX and increased significantly after the passage of SOX, suggesting that firms switched from accrual‐based to real earnings management methods after the passage of SOX.

based earnings management in the SCA period was associated with a contemporaneous increase in equity based compensation, in particular, option-based compensation. Following the passage of SOX accrual-based earnings management declined.

accrual-based e real earnings management

be forced to make up earnings shortfalls with real cash earnings. The fact that accruals do reverse predictably over time is thus a boon to both investors trying to identify earnings management situations and corporate managers interested in regulating.

Real and accrual based earnings management in
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