Equal opportunities versus diversity management

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Managing Diversity versus Equal Opportunity Essay

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Equal Opportunities vs Diversity Management

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Equal opportunity, Diversity and inclusion

The management of diversity and inclusion has evolved from a focus on compliance to a strategic-level effort with a demonstrated positive impact on an organization's performance.

In the current business climate, companies that strive for both diversity and inclusion are achieving intended business results. The Purpose of Affirmative Action, Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity in the Workforce Wisconsin state government strives to be a model employer by building and maintaining a workforce that reflects the rich diversity of the citizens of Wisconsin through the provision of affirmative action and equal employment opportunity (AA/EEO) services.

There is a confusion within EO and Diversity policies, whether they are two completely different approach to employment or diversity management is a new approach to achieve the moral goals of equal opportunity.(Kaler ).

support the practical mainstreaming 1 of Equal Opportunities into ESF funded activity in England. The project was part-funded by ESF Technical Assistance, and is a 'sister' to the.

There is a confusion within EO and Diversity policies, whether they are two completely different approach to employment or diversity management is a new approach to achieve the moral goals of equal opportunity.(Kaler ). A relevant issue is the recognition that a managing diversity approach could build on the achievements of equal opportunities policies and practices to date ‐ provided it is a complement to, rather than a substitute for, equal opportunities.

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