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Career Management Center

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T he Correctional Management Institute of Texas, created inis Enhancing Corrections in adult and juvenile community and institutional corrections agencies by providing the following.

Training Variety – a broad range of professional development programs and initiatives.; Value, Quality and Relevance – high quality and relevant professional training. Welcome to Kansas Career Pipeline!. The Kansas Career Pipeline system helps individuals measure their career interests, skills and work values, explore occupations, establish educational strategies, and ultimately connect with Kansas employers who need their talents.

Employers use outplacement services out of enlightened self-interest. They choose O’Farrell Career Management because of the personalized service and outstanding results.

The winner of Great HR Quiz Dialog Axiat The Great HR Quiz is one of the main events organised by IPM Sri Lanka (Institute of Personnel Management). The JSOM Career Management Center at UT Dallas welcomes employers interested in recruiting top talent for business positions within their organizations.

Business Career Management provides a variety of services to you, as a fully admitted College of Business student or as an FIU Business alum, to help you be an active participant in the continuing development, evaluation, and implementation of your personal career plans.

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